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"What is a Business Broker and Why Do I Need One?" by Roger Murphy (Video)

If you're in the process of figuring out how to go about selling your Middle Tennessee or Franklin Business, you likely have questions surrounding wether or not to try and sell it yourself or wether or not to find some who can help you sell it. Sometimes it isn't until a business owner begins thinking about selling their business that they run into the term "business broker" and the questions around that term begin to swirl. We've sourced a video here for you to provide you with more information on just what a business broker is.

For more information about a business broker in Franklin, you can find more information here: HPX Advisors - Serving Franklin, Murfreesboro and Brentwood Tennessee!

Don't have sound available? Here's the full transcript from this video!

A business broker is a professional that works with people that are either looking to buy a business, or a franchise, or someone that's looking to sell a business. People ask me all the time why they need a business broker to sell their business. Really most people have never done this before. They've never bought a business before, or they've never sold a business. That's not the kind of thing that you do every day. It's a once in a lifetime event for a lot of people, and we as business brokers understand the process of how to do that, and how to do it right, and so we help get a deal done more efficiently. Most of the people that are business brokers with us have been corporate executives or former business owners themselves, C-level executives, former company owners. They go through an extensive training with us, but they also have had the experience of owning and operating a business at a high level, and so when they're working with a client, they have an understanding of what the client's going through.

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